Pattent pending technology in the pellet world

World innovation turnkey solution for vending pellets

Pellet Box gives the opportunity for pellet operators (distributors, retailers, manufacturers) to provide households with pellets 24/7 without the cost of labor, showroom and warehouse, while having huge brand awareness exposure.

An innovative user-friendly pellet vending system

The system is designed to be super efficient for the business owner as well as for the end user. Within itself it combines simplicity, user-friendly interface and security, while it minimizes the efforts for both sides – the client and the provider. 


The machine is installed on a wide area, that can be accessed easily with a vehicle.


It gets loaded with pellets from a tank truck. 


Your client arrives at the spot with their car. 


They purchase the desired amount of pellets, by using the terminal of the machine. They can pay by card or a voucher that they pre-ordered online.


Once filling their buckets with the needed amount, the client puts them in their car and drives home where they can enjoy a period of pellet-induced warmth up to 7 days.

Why Pellet box vending?

Turnkey solution User interface

Pellet Box is plug and play solution, where the operator receives all in one package and can start to sell pellets instantly. We provide the vending machine, billing system, voucher server and build in POS, as well as ready white label website.

Vending machine

Billing system

Voucher server

Built in POS

White label website

Intelligent cloud infrastructure (ICI)

ICI allows you to be in full control of all transactions and purchases
made through several vending machines in real time. It tracks
every purchase and registers it in an interconnected encrypted
database, which prevents abuses of the system like trying to use
the same voucher on two different machines at the same time.

Easy to navigate user interface

The user interface consists of:


– Display where all information is shown

– POS for easy transactions on the spot

– Barcode scanner, where the client can use a pre-paid voucher, bought online

– Purchase button

– Fiscal Module Screen where the client can see all invoice and tax information

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